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Boston George’s Smuggler is all about distribution and control; intercepting or moving units between points and ports while overcoming numerous obstacles to complete the mission.  The game is based on the real life story of the notorious, yet beloved drug smuggler “Boston” George Jung.  Although controversial in nature, our hope is that the game will spark the public’s thought processes and encourage discussion on illegal drugs, money, greed, and how they affect the world, the economy and our lives.

Smuggler utilizes a mix of hardcore action mini games and challenging missions that appeal to the instinct and intellect.  The game puts players in the heart of the historical events, political intrigue, hypocrisy and violence of the era involving key figures such as Pablo Escobar, Manuel Noriega, Oliver North, and key US and Colombian organizations such as the CIA, FBI, Centra Spike, DAS, PNC, DIJIN, FARC, M-19 and Nicaraguan Sandinistas.

The historical milestones of the ten-year span from roughly 1975-1985 are represented as faithfully as possible without jeopardizing gameplay.  Once players move to a new level they are exposed to historical events from the time period.  Sometimes this takes the form of George narrating his own version of the events in first person, and sometimes it is represented visually – and sometimes both.

Players can select which side of the law they want to be on.  They can either choose the path to becoming the most successful smuggler in the world, or a law enforcement operative that’s all about taking the cartel down.  And, maybe somewhere along the way the player can choose to flip and become an informant, or become a corrupt official.  The path you choose is your own!

Key features:

  • Virtual economy based on real world economics will be affected by supply and demand, and affect price and inflation accordingly.
  • Player bank accounts keep track of player’s profits and losses.
  • Choose which side of the law you want to be on, cartel operative, law enforcement, etc.  Or, maybe, choose to betray your team by becoming cooperative with the other side.
  • Money laundering: Virtual goods can be converted to legit’ cash.
  • Kidnapping will send a message to your opponents that you mean business.
  • Intimidation, threats and torture will get you far, or will they?
  • Arranging contract hits on other players is a tidy way to protect your interests.
  • Missions designed to encourage collaborative multiplayer play.  Go ahead and attack Tranquilandia single handedly, but you’ll have better luck if you group with other players.

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